Contract Manufacturing

At Bee Health we have the capability and expertise to manufacture a wide range of product formats, including:

* Tablets
* 2-piece hard shell capsules
* Powders for sports nutrition
* Liquids
* Tinctures
* Gels
* Pastes
* Personal Care creams, gels and serums
* Sprays

Within our large scale packing hall, we are able to package into a wide variety of
presentation formats:

> Blister packing
> Pot and liquid bottle filling (all scales)
> Hot fills
> Tinctures and vials
> Bespoke packaging

We support and service this manufacturing and packaging capability with our own in-house laboratory team. All batches are released to market with full accompanying certificates of analysis

Please contact us if you would like further information about our Contract Manufacturing capabilities.

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We produce tablets of all shapes and sizes from 50K batches upwards, with over 500 formulations in our library.

Gels & Pastes

We have manufacturing equipment for small to large-scale batches of gels and pastes.


We can fill gelatine
and vegetarian hard shells from small hand-filled batches through to full scale filling semi-automatic machines.


We produce a range
of liquids, including syrups, emulsions and nitrogen flushed fish oils. We handle glass and plastic bottles and formulate new products as required.

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