INW Group: Innovative Nutrition Meets Scalable Production

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Developing innovative wellness products requires a partner offering groundbreaking R&D alongside versatile manufacturing, allowing you to rapidly get products formulated, produced, and packaged as you validate product-market fit.

That’s what INW provides across an unrivalled network spanning California, Arizona, Texas, and the UK with INW Bee Health.

INW: A Network Supporting Your Ambition

Thanks to industry-leading science and production teams, INW can take an idea from concept through commercialisation. Whether you envision powders, capsules, liquids, gels, creams, or tablets, INW has the capabilities and 135 years of collective expertise.

With over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, INW provides unmatched production scale. Once you’ve validated market appetite, INW offers speed, reliability, and quality across high-volume runs. Our expansive multi-site footprint also means you mitigate supply chain risk to customers with production locality.

But versatility and scale are only part of INW’s innovation story

Groundbreaking R&D Fuels Differentiation

INW is transforming the nutrition and wellness industry through groundbreaking innovation. Our agile R&D teams blend revered scientific minds with deep expertise in intellectual property, packaging, software, and marketing to push boundaries.

We intimately understand your brand vision and desired outcomes. Then, we dive deep into competitive analysis, emerging consumer trends, and high-quality ingredients to uncover white space opportunities where competitors aren’t meeting needs. Our researchers brainstorm creative formulations, innovative delivery systems, and proprietary technologies to create differentiated solutions.

Once a formula shows promise, we refine it through iterative prototyping and rigorous lab testing. We oversee clinical trials, develop thoughtful production scaling models, and support commercialisation to prepare your product for widespread market success.

Driven by an obsession to understand consumer preferences and enabled by flawless execution, ideas transform into differentiated products that outpace the competition in the nutritional and wellness market.

The Power Of INW Bee Health

Recently acquired Bee Health, a UK facility specialising in supplements and vitamins, epitomises INW’s commitment to groundbreaking R&D.

Bee Health has grown from a small business specialising in bee-derived ingredients, to become a leading BRCGS AA* accredited manufacturer of vitamins and supplements at its 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility for customers over 30 countries, offering a full one-stop-shop experience for all our customers. The company continues to develop and produce the original Bee Health Propolis products that inspired its name, along with several other high-profile and popular health food brands, including FSC Supplements, vitamins, and superfoods.

Serving sports nutrition and personal care categories, Bee Health provides in-house research and regulatory capabilities for small-batch innovations – aligning with our focus on validating product-market fit before scaling.

A compact, agile set-up allows us to rapidly explore formulations, from tablets and capsules to soft gels, liquids, and powders – we are leaders in soft gels. Bespoke packaging like blister packing and vial filling caters to targeted consumer testing. Once a formula resonates and is ready for growth, INW’s extensive production network offers unmatched scale.

Core to our innovation model, Bee Health helps secure vital certifications like FDA Registration, Kosher, HALAL, Organic and Informed Sport from the outset. This builds trust and credibility for your brand in competitive wellness segments right out of the gate.

Additional Network Highlights

Beyond Bee Health, sites like Dallas One Solutions and Phoenix Formulations provide speciality expertise:

  • Dallas One Solutions: Focus on functional beverages, energy shots and nutritional gels. On-site blow moulding creates differentiation through delivery systems.
  • Phoenix Formulations: Multivitamin focus, including capsules and tablets. Packaging versatility spans bottling, blistering, and pouching.

This network diversity creates innovation through best practice sharing. For you, that means new ideas and production techniques to incorporate across formulations.

Plus, differentiation through accessing niche capabilities like soft gel production and blow moulding alongside mainstream tablet and powder categorisation.

INW also offers sector specialisation. For example, Living Ecology provides a unique fermentation infrastructure for developing pre-, pro, and post-biotic interventions.

INW Group Highlights:
  • Eight manufacturing facilities, 1.6 million sq ft of manufacturing space, and 10,000 unique formulations.
  • Powders, solid doses, liquids/gels, cosmetics, and other delivery forms.
  • Multiple supply sites to ensure no interruptions in the supply chain.
Specific products INW manufactures:
  • Protein blends, pre-workout powders, amino acids.
  • Multivitamins, probiotics, herbal supplements.
  • Fish oil, soft gels.
  • Nutritional gels, functional beverages, energy shots.
  • Moisturisers, sunscreens, skin serums.
Quality control and certifications:
  • Meticulous quality control standards and procedures.
  • Industry certifications like FDA Registered, Kosher, HALAL, Organic, BRC Grade AA.
Innovation process:
  • Trend analysis to stay at the forefront of product development.
  • Focus on ingredients, formulations, packaging, and delivery systems.
  • Leveraging IP to protect breakthrough innovations.
Customer-centric approach:
  • Seeking to understand customer needs and desired outcomes.
  • Passion for service and helping people live healthier lives.
The Time For Best-In-Class Is Now

In our fast-paced industry, consumers have endless options for sports nutrition, vitamins, and wellness supplements, making agile manufacturing and consumer centricity crucial. INW shares this obsession for understanding evolving consumer preferences so that we can empower our partners to set the pace.

Our unique infrastructure allows us to transform ideas into differentiated products that outpace the competition rapidly. Our industry-leading R&D teams drive this iterative prototyping, testing, and refining process. Responsive manufacturing and distinct packaging then ensure speed-to-market execution and product differentiation.

Formulation flexibility also provides distinct competitive advantages. We can produce powders, capsules, liquids, gels and more to meet diverse consumer needs. This versatility removes friction points from the development process.