Finding the right white label/private label manufacturer

Finding the right white label/private label manufacturer

Creating products from concept to commercialisation isn’t every manufacturer’s forte. Some only want to take your recipe and press out the product, while others develop their own recipes to drive costs down and innovate production lines.

It’s not a stretch to say that the best, most capable manufacturer for most nutrition and health brands is the one that can innovate to improve the end product through quality, scale, and consumer trust. That’s how the strongest brands succeed, and it’s the INW way.

The INW Edge

We have an expansive footprint stretching from California to the UK through industry leaders like Bee Health and Phoenix Formulations to offer an unmatched confluence of R&D prowess and manufacturing muscle.

Our agile innovation teams blend market foresight with scientific rigour to create products at the forefront of wellness. Think Bespoke formulations, novel delivery systems, and proprietary technologies — all within reach.

And once an idea shows promise, our world-class production capabilities ensure it reaches your customers with uncompromising quality and speed.

Securing critical certifications and optimising packaging and scaling output is something we do, so you don’t have to. The result is a partnership that empowers you not just to participate in your market but also to define its very future.

Collaborative Product Development: Transforming Ideas into Differentiated Solutions

At INW, we intimately understand your brand vision and desired outcomes – our agile R&D teams blend revered scientific minds with deep expertise in intellectual property, packaging, software, and marketing to push boundaries.

We dive deep into competitive analysis, emerging consumer trends, and high-quality ingredients to uncover white space opportunities where competitors aren’t meeting needs.

Creative formulations and proprietary production line technologies are just some ways we create differentiated solutions that resonate with your audience.

New Product Development

Our NPD concepts provide a turnkey solution for brands wanting to manufacture products that capitalise on the latest trends and consumer demands, allowing you to quickly establish a presence in the market.

For example, our work with propolis – a resinous substance produced by bees with health benefits – has led to propolis-based supplements in various delivery forms, including capsules, liquid extracts, and throat sprays.

Another example is oil-based vitamins in softgel capsules- something as simple as a new delivery system can help you penetrate the market.

Quality Control and Certifications

We are BRC AA+ certified and maintain meticulous quality control standards and procedures across all our facilities because trust and credibility are crucial in the wellness market – you need to have confidence in your white-label partner, and we provide it.

We can help your products secure vital certifications like FDA Registration, Kosher, HALAL, and Organic approval from the outset, building consumer confidence in your brand without any frustrating licensing restrictions.

Scalable Production Supporting Your Growth

With over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, INW provides unmatched production scale – once you have validated market appetite, we offer speed, reliability, and quality across high-volume runs.

Our expansive multi-site footprint also means you mitigate supply chain risk, ensuring no customer interruptions.

Flexible Manufacturing: Powders, Capsules, Liquids, Gels, and More

We are the market leaders for soft gels and produce a wide range of powders, including protein blends, capsules, liquids, gels, creams, tablets, probiotics, energy shots, and much more to meet all your product requirements.

Our brands include:

  • ProForm Laboratories – powdered meal replacements, plant-based protein powders, vitamin herbal powders, and whey protein powders.
  • Phoenix Formulations – powders, capsules, and tablets for sports nutrition.
  • Capstone Nutrition – capsules, tablets, and powders for dietary supplements.
  • Dallas One Solutions – liquids, gel packs, cosmetics, and OTC products.
  • Bee Health – softgels, tablets, liquids, capsules, two-piece capsules and powders.
  • Living Ecology – functional foods and nutritional supplements specialising in fruit and nutrition bars.

In addition to producing these products, our brands offer multiple capabilities, including powder filling, inventory management, performance tracking, and on-site labs like R&D centres and marketed product stability labs.

Beautiful, High-Quality Packaging

We produce bottles, boxes, tamper-proof seals, dispensers, resealable bags, and squeeze pouches for all our customers to reduce costs and ensure product consistency.

INW’s packaging solutions meet FSC-certified products and packaging standards and equivalent UK/EU requirements.

Our tight supply chain ensures efficient packaging production that’s in line with the products, with no delays or hiccups before delivery.

Truly White Label

We develop health and nutrition products in-house and allow any reputable brand to repackage and resell them without referencing INW Group or our partners – this ensures a white label product that appears as your own.

White labelling helps you skip product development and bring new products to market, which makes sense for things like tablets and capsules of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that are only differentiated by their packaging.

Summing Up

Finding the right white-label partner boils down to your required capabilities:

  • Should they manufacture the product and the packaging?
  • Do you need advice on combining ingredients to make new products?
  • What certifications do your products require?
  • Where do your products need to be manufactured?
  • Does your partner need a minimum production capacity?
  • How will your partner protect your intellectual property?
  • Will your partner help develop new products for you?
  • Can your partner safeguard against supply chain issues like shortages?

INW’s multi-global capabilities provide all the correct answers, but we won’t keep you from knowing there are other options. Do your due diligence and choose the partner you trust the most to grow your brand.