INW Bee Health: Our Capabilities

INW Bee Health: Our Capabilities

Bringing ideas to life is something all contract manufacturers do, but innovating and guaranteeing quality in highly regulated sectors like nutrition? That’s another ballgame.

At INW Bee Health, we’re changing the game with a closed-loop new product development and manufacturing solution for nutrition brands.

Our current handling capacity is of circa 300 million two-piece capsules, tablets and softgel capsules a month (January, 2024). We have plans  and investment strategies in place throughout 2024 to increase capacity in all formats.

Our private label manufacturing services enable your company to make safe, market-ready nutrition and wellness products.

We can take products from concept to commercialisation with our in-house product development, laboratory, and production facilities – everything you need to get your foot in the market (with brilliant customer support to boot).

Capability Highlights

  • Our state-of-the-art 541 m2 packing hall operates 24/5 and has the potential for 24/7 capacity to meet high volume demands.
  • Expertise in accommodating diverse packaging formats, such as bottles, flat packs, and pouches, rapidly bringing innovative product concepts to market.
  • Seamless collaboration with speciality packaging printers for customised labels, cartons, and other components.
  • Stringent quality controls with every batch receiving Certificates of Analysis before distribution.
  • Cost-effective outsourcing streamlines the entire process from manufacturing to delivery for maximum productivity.
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities to optimise efficiency for each client project.
  • We have a dedicated R&D team with pharmacologists and scientists developing cutting-edge, market-leading formulations.
  • Part of the global INW network ensuring supply chain resilience and scalability to handle large volume runs.
  • BRC AA+ certification – the highest food safety standard demonstrating unwavering commitment to quality.
  • We can lower your manufacturing costs, bring new products to market, and develop private-label vitamin and supplement lines.
  • Enjoy first opportunities on available stock and logistical support to ensure your products arrive where they need to.
  • We have recently invested a staggering £1M into our Softgel facility at INW Bee Health

Softgel Investment

We have invested a staggering £1M into our Softgel facility at INW Bee Health.

  • This investment will increase our production output by 50% and will support us in achieving the manufacture of Vegan softgels coming this summer!
  • New drying tunnel which will allow the increase of production for Bovine Softgels, including an additional tunnel for Vegan softgels.
  • Dedicated room for blending of the Vegan material which will be processed directly to the machine.
  • Machinery upgrades for grading/sorting and polishing, this has automated the goods out process eliminating the manual processes we had in this area
  • Increase of capacity for Bovine Softgels.

Site visits available from June 2024 to review the new extended facility and the automation of certain processes

Bespoke Formulation Manufacturing

We have complete laboratory capabilities to replicate your formulations and improve them, putting us in the strongest position to bring your ideas to market.

Our closed-loop solution provides a way to run an efficient nutrition brand with quality, certification, and packing handled by our experts. You can order bespoke formulations or choose from multiple off-the-shelfers:

  • Vitamins such as Vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
  • Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.
  • Herbals and organics like ginkgo biloba and maca root.
  • Women’s health products like marine collagen complex with copper.
  • Men’s health products like vitality boosters.
  • Joint and heart health products such as garlic oil and beta-glucan complex.

We are the market leader for soft gels and various tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, tinctures, gels, creams, pastes, and sprays with unique ingredients.

New Products and Delivery Innovation

Our pharmacologists, chemists, and research scientists work together to formulate cutting-edge nutritional products like oil-based vitamins.

Market foresight keeps our research and development on track with products consumers want rather than wasteful products that benefit no one.

Many of our customers request bespoke formulations tailored to specific customer needs and market demands, using unique ingredients or a different delivery system, such as soft gels instead of tablets.

Once a promising innovative product is developed, our production facilities ensure it reaches customers quickly while maintaining uncompromising quality standards.

Packing Capabilities 

We can pack 300,000 units per week and support their production across product development, manufacturing, packaging, and worldwide delivery – all under one roof – collaborating with specialty packaging printers to produce customised labels and cartons.

These printers include twin-head filling counting machines, automated cappers, Enercon induction sealers, shrink ovens, and inline batches.

No other supplier offers such impressive packing capabilities with support for PET and glass bottles, flat packs, and pouches to suit all delivery formats.

BRCGS accredited

Quality and safety are paramount in the nutritional products industry, and that’s why INW has achieved the highest possible distinction: BRCGS AA+ certification grade.

BRCGS is the preeminent global standard for evaluating supply chains across food safety, packaging, storage, distribution, consumer products and ethical trade practices.

Independent research from the University of Birkbeck demonstrates the significant value and economic benefits that BRCGS certification delivers to companies.

Attaining the AA+ grade is a powerful testament to INW’s relentless commitment to upholding the highest standards across every process, procedure, and facet of its quality management system. It represents the culmination of hard work, dedication, and competence exhibited by INW’s quality teams and the entire organisation.

Summing Up

Your nutrition brand needs a contract manufacturer whose quality, capacity, and support are on point alongside a robust supply chain that can shield you from pandemics, wars, and other global issues that could put you out of business.

We leverage decades of R&D experience, world-class production capabilities, product development prowess, and a global supply chain to be your leading contract manufacturer for nutrition and wellness products.

Trust INW Bee Health to manufacture your nutrition and wellness products and focus on growing your brand. We’ve got you covered.