Gender Pay

The gender pay gap compares the pay received by the women employed by an organisation versus the pay received by the men. It is different from equal pay, which is the principle of workers getting paid equally for doing the same work or work of equal value. 

At Bee Health, we believe that to be a successful business and to serve our employees and customers in the best way possible, we must have an inclusive workplace where employees from any background can grow, develop, and flourish.

We want every employee, wherever they work in Bee Health, to be able to develop their careers with us and have the flexibility to achieve what’s important to them, both in and outside of work. We’re committed to making sure everyone has the opportunities to do that. 

We continually benchmark our remuneration, benefits, and welfare packages to ensure we are offering a consistent, competitive, and fair deal for all. We’re committed to rewarding all our employees with meaningful rewards and benefits.

Under the UK Government’s Gender Pay Gap Regulations, employers with more than 250 employees need to report their gender pay gap.


In April we publish our gender pay gap reports for the previous year.

April 2024 Gender Pay Statement

April 2023 Gender Pay Statement

April 2022 Gender Pay Statement

April 2021 Gender Pay Statement

April 2020 Gender Pay statement

April 2019 Gender Pay Statement