Salary & Benefits

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Salary & Benefits

Our close team are encouraged to train and grow within the company. We have a grading structure designed to reward those who gain skills and abilities and become multiskilled.

Those working manufacturing nights will receive a £1.00 per hour premium for working nights, those working on the late shift in the packing hall will receive an extra 50p per hour.

In addition to the basic salary, we offer an attendance bonus to all hourly paid staff. The attendance bonus is to provide recognition to those employees who maintain good attendance and punctuality on a regular basis. This bonus is based on length of service and employees can gain an additional £1,300 per year.

We understand your health and wellbeing are important and have partnered with Simply Health to provide cash back to employees to help you keep healthy eyes, teeth, body, and mind. In addition, you can speak to a GP, and obtain counselling at a date and time when you need it.  To keep your body healthy, we work with Bike2Work allowing you to get loan from Bee Health to purchase a bike.  Bee Health works with ‘The People’s Pension’ to save for your retirement. You will be automatically enrolled into the pension scheme after three months of employment, as we contribute to the scheme on your behalf its equivalent to free money for you!